• MasterEggplant

    Hello everyone!

    If you did not check our community corner, I highly recommend you do, it's under the Wiki Activty page!

    Anyway, I want to create for us a proper forums so we can easily discuss and share, and also a YouTube channel so I can make spesific videos for the Wiki, plus share/add/favorite/re-upload videos you guys made (with permission of course), and if I see that more people with access to the account will benefit us, I will hand out the E-Mail and Password for it for those who can handle the task!

    I am afraid I sadly can't afford hosting a proper forums, and therefore we might need to use a free ones with advertisements unless we recieve donations.

    Best of Wishes,

    Master Eggplant,

    The Wiki's founder.

    P.S: You can add me on Steam to ea…

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