Trigger Rocket Bomb
Activation Plunger
Detonation Delayed
Area of Impact
Range ~60 Blocks

The Trigger Rocket Bomb is a type of bomb that will sit dormant until activated by a Plunger.  Once activated, it will behave like a normal Rocket Bomb


The Trigger Rocket Bomb is constructed by placing a  Brimstone Cube with a Moonstone Cube at one end, and a Rubble Tall Square Based Pyramid at the other end.


  • The Trigger Rocket Bomb will fly for approximately 60 blocks before it loses its initial altitude.
  • Added in 0.01g
  • This is currently bugged.  If you save it as a pattern and use it, it will simply refuse to arm and just explode after about a minute.  If you want to use this rocket, you must build it every time. (Bug has been fixed as of 0.01k)