Shaping Stone Workbench
Shaping stone

Shaping Stone Workbench is what you can use to discover new shapes. There are currently three panels that you can use in order to construct your new shape: square, equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle. Any shape that is built must be closed (not have any open spaces).


The Shaping Stone Toolbar allows you to have greater control in making shapes. When a tool is selected, a starburst will appear around its icon. Tools only apply to the selected panel, which is coloured green.

Delete Panel
Delete panel Deletes selected panel
Angle Tool
Angle panel Change angle of selected panel. The number shows the angle between the selected panel and either the panel to its right or the only other attached panel. Panels usually snap into a predefined angle to help shape building.
Move panel
Move panel Allows a panel to be dragged
Rotate panel
Flip panel Rotates selected panel counterclockwise. (NOTE: Isosceles triangle panels have 5 rotations because the long side is actually made up of 2 segments.)
Set base
Set base Closes current arrangement of panels and sets the closed arrangement as the base of the shape being built. Especially useful while building prisms.
Clear Workbench
Clear workbench Removes all panels on the workbench. Unlike most tools, it's icon is found on top right corner of the screen.