Nak square
Shear Strength
Compressive Strength

Nak is a swirly, green substance that causes the player and physics objects to bounce when they drop or jump onto it.  If the player times their jumps right, they can use Nak to gradually leap higher and higher, much like a trampoline.

Also this is definitely NOT NaK (sodium-potassium alloy)


No crafting info.



  • While Nak can save you from death by falling, there is a limit as to how far you can fall before you will die regardless of whether or not you land on the Nak.  The limit is quite large though, you can easily, say, fall from about the height you would get from a bomb placed under you.
  • The angle matters.  Even if you time your jump right, you will still go in the direction of the bounce.  Combining Nak with rockets, explosives, and ice, will make for some crazy transportation methods.

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