I will try my best to put everything within Patterns into real-life measurements. For this reason I create this page so you have an idea of how stuff will be like. This page is only an idea for now, till further calculations are done with the help of the Patterns Genesis Version.

What I try to do is when you for example plan to build a monument then you will be able to calculate for example the hardness of your material and all. For example which base you need if you want to build a column out of stone, what your base has to be minimum be or if you want to build bridges or even try to construct some kind of catapult etc. and so with these measures (after I calculated / analyzed from the game) I will add formulars and such with which you will be able to calculate for your Buildings... and who knows perhaps later you need them for professional building when levers, elevators, gears or only the Developers team knows will come.

Here is a table of what I plan (what I want it to be like, fake numbers for now at the Patterns size, further research will be done with the Genesis Version, but the Metric to US Size is correct):

Measurement Table
Patterns Size Metric Size US Size


1 mT (milli-Tile) 1 milli-meter 0.04 inch
1 dT (deci-Tile) 1 deci-meter 3.94 inch / 0.109 yard
1 TL (Tile length) 1 meter 3.28 feet / 1.09 yard
1 kT (kilo-Tile) 1000 meter 1093,61 yard / 0,62 miles
1 mTW (milli Tile Weight) 1 gramme 0.035 ounce / 0.002 pound
1 TW (Tile Weight) 1 kilo-gramme 35.27 ounce / 2.204 pound
1 tTW (ton Tile Weight) 1000 kilo-gramme 2204.62 pound

Pg (Patterns Gravity) = 9 TL/s²

(9 Tile Lengths per second squared)

9,81 m/s² = 1g

(9,81 meter per second squared)