We have a simple set of rules - stay on topic and keep everything work safe. Other than that contribute whatever you like. Wiki admin team.


  • Post on topic
  • Maintain a netural, 3rd party writing style (in the manner of Wikipedia)
  • Include spoiler and rumor warnings where appropiate
  • Use the chat page before making devisive changes
  • Link internally (it helps surfing users and gets us up the search rankings)
  • Add pages to categories
  • Add index / disambigious pages where appropiate


  • Post/Link to irrelevent or work/child unsafe content
  • Bash Linden Labs / Patterns / the Wiki / other users / anyone else
  • Use this wiki as a place to sell or other spammy activities
  • Troll other users
  • Abuse the rollback feature
  • Engage in edit wars (settle disputes in the chat page or admin will settle it for you)

In the earliest stages at least users will be given one warning (two at most) before being handed a ban. The process isn't fully worked out yet and is subject to change.

Bots and spamming users will be immediately banned.

Users linking to sexual / hatred / racial content will be immediately banned