• Illyria52

    Unnamed Formation

    February 23, 2013 by Illyria52

    Unnamed Formation

    While taking screenshots for the wiki, I came across a formation (as seen in the screenshot with the blue outline) that I don't remember being described in any of the version/update notes. It is made of an ice tall pyramid.

    Once the ice tall pyramid is placed, the shape becomes a formation after a small delay and begins to coat itself in ice panels, followed by coating surrounding environment, either covering any exposed side of nearby shapes with ice panels or converting nearby panels to ice.

    In terms of the screenshot, this also includes the "outer" wall of the pyramid, even though there is no opening on that wall to the inside of the pyramid, where the structure is.

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  • MasterEggplant

    Hello everyone!

    If you did not check our community corner, I highly recommend you do, it's under the Wiki Activty page!

    Anyway, I want to create for us a proper forums so we can easily discuss and share, and also a YouTube channel so I can make spesific videos for the Wiki, plus share/add/favorite/re-upload videos you guys made (with permission of course), and if I see that more people with access to the account will benefit us, I will hand out the E-Mail and Password for it for those who can handle the task!

    I am afraid I sadly can't afford hosting a proper forums, and therefore we might need to use a free ones with advertisements unless we recieve donations.

    Best of Wishes,

    Master Eggplant,

    The Wiki's founder.

    P.S: You can add me on Steam to ea…

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  • MzPatterns

    Please give feedback on this. I think we should rename Materials to Substances while the wiki is still small-ish. The reason being that Patterns actually calls them Substances and not Materials (see version history). If more official information comes eventually it might be misleading to call them Materials on the Wiki.

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  • MzPatterns

    As an announcement of sort, or a reminder, you should always link to other articles when using a word for the first time that has it's own article. For example: "You can create new Shapes with the...", there is an article called Shapes which has a lot of useful information on shapes so that's good for linking.

    Anyway, good work on the Wiki so far :)

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  • LightTrench

    Great Work Everyone

    October 8, 2012 by LightTrench

    The wiki is looking great people! Keep up the great work!

    Keep adding to it and making it grow bigger and greater!

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  • Erikwidi

    Excited for the 5th

    October 2, 2012 by Erikwidi


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