The 2 Billion Mod


What it DoesEdit

This mod is an inventory mod that has all materials set to 2147481514 each.

If requested, I will put more information about how I made this, but I don't have the time right now.


Main Download: Download Now


  1. Download The Mod
  2. Locate Your Save Data
    1. If you are on Windows, Press Windows Key + R and enter:
      1. %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\FreeRange\Patterns\SAVEDATA
    2. If you are on Mac OS X, Press Shift + Command + G and enter:
      1. \\Library\caches\FreeRange\Patterns
  3. Copy The Downloaded File To The Folder
  4. Delete Or Rename Any Other Inventory Save You Have On There
    1. The default inventory name is "inventory_ProtoWorld_x", where x is the world number.
      1. World Slot 1 is number 0, Slot 2 is 1, and Slot 3 is 2.
    2. You don't have to delete or rename all of them, just the ones you want to be hacked.
  5. Make A Copy Of The Hacked Inventory File
    1. If you want to have multiple worlds hacked, make multiple copies.
    2. It's good to have the original copy of the file so you don't have to re-download it.
  6. Begin Renaming The Copies To The Original Inventory Names
    1. Remember, this is what you just renamed the old files from
      1. World Slot 1 = inventory_ProtoWorld_0
      2. World Slot 2 = inventory_ProtoWorld_1
      3. World Slot 3 = inventory_ProtoWorld_2
  7. Load That World Slot And Make Sure It Worked


Don't do a great bit of digging in any one resource, because if you were to dig all the clay out of a large island, you might go over the maximum value of 2147483647, causing you to go into the negatives and stoping you from building. I had to scale it down 2133 to atempt to keep this from happening, but it may have to go down even more. You shouldn't have that much of an issue with it.